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About Me

My name is Mahmoud Allathkani Over the past 22 years I've not only been working AIX unix administrator but have also been but as also system architecture and engineering. Icompleted my Bachelor degree in Computer Science and later in 2004 Completed My Master degree in MIS and on Summer 2012 completed My PhD degree in Computers Science . More  I earned Many Certification classes's n AIX and IBM pSeries Hardware and also in Virtualization. Since the late 90's my free time has been and will continue to be devoted to the AIX Unix and all IBM pSeries hardware technology along with IBM PowerHA  (HACMP) and any system architectures  within AIX.

I reside in the lk Grove CA and am looking to continue  build a career in in my favorite career AIX engineering. to see my qualification and experience for over 22 years as an AIX please visit my resume page by Clicking the My Resume button.










UNIX was developed by some Multics team members at bell labs late 1960, by people who they helped also in creating C Programming language.UNIX today is not just developed by one team or one corporation in the market today there is many of UNIX flavore, Solaris which previously owned by SUN Microsystem which is today owned by Orcale, HP-UX which owned by HP, and AIX UNIX which is owned and Developed by IBM.

This website you will find a complete most useful AIX command, aklso will lis many of useful Solaris Command but the concentaration on AIX. We will alos list a series of usful RedHat Enterprise Linux useful command  


AIX (Advanced Interactive executive),is a series of proprietary UNIX operating systems developed by IBM for several of its computer platforms. Originally released for the IBM 6150 RISC workstation, AIX now supports or has supported a wide variety of hardware platforms, including the IBM RS/6000 series and later IBM POWER and PowerPC-based systems


Our vision in publishing this website not to generate or making money rather than to help others Unix admin to have a quick refrences for the AIX command and for how to fix and troubleshoot most popular issues with AIX, and to help new novic AIX admin to learn more about AIX UNIX and have a quick command references for them when ever they want it anytime the want to use it .

Current AIX Version is AIX V7.1 and the current hardware can AIX installed on is a Power 7 (p7) the state of art hardware machine the market known ever.

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On This website you will find all AIX Unix Command, and other useful Solaris and Linux RedHat command

My Resume as an AIX  Admin